Kasparov Chess Family

Sergey Kasparov

Born in 1968 in Baku (Azerbaijan)

Lives in Mogilev (Belarus)

International Grandmaster

Best result in the Belarusian Championships - 2nd place

Education:  Voronezh State University, Belarusian State University.
Major: Pedagogy, Geography.

Around 15 years of teaching experience, including some practice in English.

Little knowledge of German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and other languages due a lot of traveling.

Has experience of "chess shows".


With Tatiana being his wife and chess student at the same time, who was 2nd and 3rd in the Belarusian woman championships, Sergey is used to know woman chess too.

Peaceful and friendly

Likes history


Has connections in chess world

Tatiana Kasparova

Born in 1969 in Omsk (Russia)

Lives in Mogilev (Belarus)

Woman International Master

In January 2017 achieved a Woman Grandmaster norm and became a Woman Champion of Australia.


Education: Omsk polytechnic institute (Russian Federation)
Major:  Systems engineer

Around 7 years of teaching experience, including little practice in English.


Yeva Kasparava

Born in 1993 in Mogilev

Chess FIDE-rating 1707  


Belarusian State Economic University (Minsk, Belarus)
Hanyang University   (Seoul, South Korea),

European University Viadrina (Germany)
Major: International Business Administration

Fluent in English, German. Little knowledge of Spanish.

Translator of all our books and articles from Russian to English.

Here is the list of our few English posts.
Here you can look how an Online Lesson looks like.

Feel free to ask questions or contact us directly:

 tkasparova@rambler.ru  or in  Facebook.

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