23 сентября 2017 г.


Помимо негативной критики бывает и такая (имя не афиширую).
Между тем, надо отметить, что в отличие от голландского и американского издателя англичане (оба) "сушат" авторский текст:(.

"Hello Sergey - I have been reading your book on the Scandinavian and have enjoyed it immensely. I am looking forward to your upcoming book on the Hedgehog. I like your writing style very much. Nice mix of prose and analysis. I am a devoted Scandinavian player. I thought you might find the first three games I have included below to be of interest - all testing the same variation. It is actually a tricky little line. If white plays innocuously he can land in trouble. In all three games white doesn't quite find the right way - in fact avoids it. I outplayed my friend nicely I believe in all three games. He switched in game 4 and I included it for fun. These were informal match games played over smartphone. I owe the wins to your book! Let me know what you think. Best Regards, K.C."

далее следуют партии.

Шахматист имел в виду это издание.

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