10 декабря 2018 г.

Как наживаются на шахматистах

Те, кто не понимает по-английски, смогут использовать авто-переводчик.
Кажется, не раз упоминал бессмысленность ездить на всевозможные "чемпионаты" за свой счёт.
Вот свежая информация из фейсбука (двух участников событий мы, вроде, встречали ранее):
Картинки по запросу картинки ограбление на улице

"GM Vidit Gujrathi: " I am at the Asian championship in Makati, Philippines. It's a part of the World Championship cycle by FIDE. I had to pay 150 USD for a room which actually costs 35-50 dollars as per the hotel and other websites (photos attached). After paying 150 dollars, there is no internet in the room. Food provided is awful. There is even no drinking water in the room(!!). Me& my colleagues GM Abhijit Kunte and GM Lalith Babu went outside to buy water, but then the most unexpected incident happened. We were attacked by local goons who possesed weapons. We were cornered and then attacked. We tried to flee but we were chased and finally marginally escaped. We are still trying to recover from this horrible incident. The saddest part is that upon informing this to organizers they remained aloof and ignored the seriousness of the issue. What kind of an event is this? Players are charged 5 times more & forced to stay in this place, where basic necessities like cleanliness, proper food and water are not provided. This is sheer exploitation of players. I am writing this post so that FIDE and the authorities will take the rightful action. ".

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