30 августа 2018 г.

Bike Trip-1 / Велопробег-1

Biking in Europe is not a new trend at all. But bike trips through several cities/countries is something different from casual daily riding side by side with "young professionals". A perfect occasion to delve "deep in the nature" still using proper bike lanes (almost always ... :D). This is the case for Germany, for example.
Where to go? For beginners a few days trip to Ostsee (Baltic Sea) is a nice option.
 You don't need to do much extra work, everything is already there for you:
You better have a car or a bike to go around. Public transportation is good for train connections and moving between towns/cities but when it comes to small villages, a bus comes once a day...:)

Every time I saw a tractor I was hoping to see one of those packed along the fence in MTZ.

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