9 января 2019 г.

ГМ Котрониас про читеров

Любопытная информация из facebook.com 
Опытный греческий гроссмейстер
Похожее изображение

 (пару раз приходилось встречаться за доской) делится своим мнением о нынешней ситуации с читерами.

GM Vasileos Kotronias: 

" The last comment I have to make about this issue, because it started to range from boring to complete balderdash for me, is that older players, who are not used to facing cheaters and dont cheat themselves, will face depression and complete lack of self respect in the times to come. FIDE MUST immediately BAN ONLINE TRANSMISSION on all opens and must force organisers to replace it with an at least 45 min delayed transmission of all games. As a first step to reduce cheating. It is absolutely urgent for the SURVIVAL of the game. When I was saying it at the beginning people thought I was paranoid and strange, but more and more people now have understood that this spoilt new era has no ethical barriers. I also propose that cheaters caught should be BANNED FOR LIFE from chessplaying. "

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