5 сентября 2018 г.

Bike Trip-2 / Велопробег-2

 East Germany: monuments to Soviet soldiers

German Ostsee: beautiful, but cold and overpriced.
Double rooms start from 50 EUR/ night and sometimes what you get for it is a bunk bed with shared facilities, in the middle or nowhere.

German/Polish Border, Swinemünde/ Świnoujście


1) Germany also has bad roads (but to be honest, it is very exceptional, all in all the infrastructure in the region is awesome for bikers)
2) There are also villages with Eastern vibes in Germany..."Späti" (small shop with essentials, mostly alcohol) which is open longer hours than other grocery shops), bier bottles opened at 10 AM, cows and chicken, apples and pears. However, 80% of villages do look idealic-wise, clean and rich, with nice cars and happy faces.
3) Suprisingly, it might be actually cheaper to buy tickets to Portugal/Spain and spend a few days at a warm sea where you can actually swim, not only enjoy the landscape ;)

Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life

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